Segmented ESL simulation

Simulation of the segmented ESL element with esl-seg-ui from Edo Hulsebos, Holland.

All simulation data should be in line with information in Schematics and Specifications.


SEG UI result 4 optim

Segmented ESL simulation

The simulation illustrates:

  1. A linear (+/-1 dB) on axis frequency response from 200 Hz  and up.
  2. The small drop of 1-2 dB from 300 Hz to 20 kHz is deliberate and in line with recommended house curves, see Resources.
  3. An sensitivity of 83 dB at 1m.
  4. A wide dispersion with flat response up til 15,000 Hz at +/- 15 degrees.

We find that the speaker is close to a perfect line source from 200 Hz and up. A very satisfying result.

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