Welcome to my site

Welcome to my site where I will share activities around Audio, electronics and IT.

In the menu you will find my projects. They cover areas like electrostatic speakers, audio electronics and Arduino development. In the future, I expect some IoT projects.
My projects are primarily DIY activities for my own pleasure.

As part of a balanced amplifier project I have developed an amplifier protector for Arduino.
It started as a solution optimized for balanced power amplifiers and it reached a high level of quality and sophistication.

I have continued the work with documentation, guidelines and features to make it more and more flexible and easy to configure. The result It is offered  as a commercial software solution directed to amplifier developers and manufacturers under the name Amplifier management system.

I have submitted an article to audioXpress with the title: Balanced amplifier protection with Arduino. The article is expected to appear in audioXpress primo 2016.

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