Amplifier Management System

Arduino uno

Arduino uno

2016: Due to other activities AMS is currently not for sale. If interested pls. contact me for further information.

Kick start your power amplifier protection with Arduino.

Save months of work with Amplifier Management System (AMS) an Arduino based software solution designed to monitor, control and protect power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

With AMS you get full access to source code and documentation and AMS comes with a preconfigured setup that can be used as a starting point and a source of inspiration.

AMS is a software solution directed to professional amplifier developers and manufacturers. AMS does not include hardware.

By default, AMS measures power supply voltages and output voltages or any other analog value 1,000 times per second and calculate the operating conditions for the amplifier. The operating conditions are tested against predefined limits and if signs of catastrophic faults are detected it closes down within milliseconds.

AMS can also detect less critical over load conditions and turn down volume or close down the amplifier for a limited time. The possible reactions will depend on available features in the amplifier.

AMS can perform tests even during power up for early detection of faults like defective output transistors or shorted outputs.

AMS is a framework that is highly configurable and with full access to source code it can be extended with new features in order to support individual needs. The final solution is the sum of the framework, the configuration and individual extensions. With the right configuration and the right amplifier, it can be rich in features and facilities.

Planned release
AMS is planned to be released in January  2016.

More information
The first two links provide a lot of details about amplifier monitoring, early detection of faults and all the small details that will optimize the result. This information is needed in order to appreciate the offered product.

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AMS Product description 1.0.pdf

Services 1.0.pdf


How to order

Software License Agreement 1.0.pdf