About me

IMG_9153CI am an electronic engineer living in Denmark.

After 40 years in the IT-industry I am now having more time for my interests: Audio, electronics and IT-development.

My latest projects include electrostatic loudspeakers, audio electronics, Arduino programming and IT in general.

With Internet of Things, DSP and Arduino I find lots of inspiration for new projects.

I have created this site to share my projects and as an oportunity to learn about homepage development.

CV with focus on Audio, electronics and IT

Year Professional Activity
1970 – 1976 Technical University of Denmark (DTU).
Electrical engineering study with focus on electronic design, servo electronics, computer science and climate control.
1973 – 1976 Private company.
Development of control systems for climate test chambers.
The biggest project included control electronics for a climate test chamber for building elements. The test chamber generated indoor climate on one side of the building element and outdoor climate on the other side with control of temperature, humidity and pressure. Control parameters could be cycled up and down. The solution required two 19 inch racks.
1976 – 1978 Control Data Corporation (once a mainframe vendor).
Computer simulation of electronic circuits. Development of computer models (74xx models).  Simulation of antennas forDanish Broadcasting Corporation.
 1979 – 2013 Control Data Corporation and KMD.
Developement of IT solutions for the public sector.
Job positions included programming, IT-architecture and management positions.
1986 – 1987 NCR corporation.
Development of UNIX operating system for non US customers.


Year DIY activity
 1996 Zapsolute power amplifier, 2*100, balanced.
 1999 Preamplifier.
 2014 Minor Arduino projects.
 2014 – 2015 Electrostatic loudspeaker.
 2015 ICEpower A500 balanced power amplifier, 2*500 Watt.
 2015 Amplifier protection with Arduino.
 2015 Creation of this homepage based on WordPress.