Roger R. Sanders. The Electrostatic loudspeaker design cookbook.
This book is my bible and is highly recommended.

Wikipedia. Electrostatic loudspeaker.

ESL club Holland.

The Audio Circuit, Electrostatic Speakers.

Sigfried Linkwitz homepage. Many interesting articles. A strong proponend of open baffle speakers.

Edo Hulsebos program to simulate segmented line source ESLs (esl_seg_ui).

A lot of ESL design information by Frank Vervall.

Bass speaker from Scan speak..

Boxsim free speaker simulation from Visaton.

House curve article.

miniDSP homepage.

miniDSP 2×4 – 2 inputs, 4 outputs. UsedĀ for cross over and equalization.×4

Calibrated measurement microphone from miniDsp.

Room EQ Wizard (REW) is a free acoustic analysis and measuring software.


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