Frequency measurements

All measurements are performed with Room EQ Wizard (REW) and a UMIK 1 microphone, see resources.

The measurements are taken under varying conditions.

Bass response

Bsss speaker near field response

Bass near field response

This measument shows the bass speaker near field response.

Bass response after LP filter

Bass nearfiield response with LP filter

Bass near field after low pass filter

This measurement shows the bass near field response with an LR4, 350 Hz cross over filter.

Bass + ESL response

Final result frequency responce far field

Bass + ESL far field with minimal compensation

This measument shows the response of a speaker (Bass + ESL) with an analog LR4 cross over at 350 Hz and no frequency compensation. The measurement is taken at 1 m.

Room modes are evident and the bass falls off from 65 Hz.


Final result frequency responce far field with miniDSP

Bass + ESL far field optimised with miniDSP

In this measurement we have used a miniDPS with an LR4 filter at 325 Hz and optimized frequency response. The measurement is taken at 1 m.

Room modes are reduced and the response is flat down to 20 Hz.


ESL dispertion at 0, 15, 30, 45

ESL dispersion

ESL dispersion

This measument is taken at 1 m at four angles and documents the excellent dispersion of the ESL element.


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