Bass speaker

Bass is designed to cover the frequency range 20 Hz-350 Hz.

It is based on a dynamic speaker Scan speak Discovery 26W/4558T00 in a closed box with an internal volume of 30 liter.


Here is a simulation with BoxSim.

BoxSim simulation compressed

BoxSim simulation of Scan speak 26W/4558T00 in cabinet

The frequence response is far from linear in the area 20 Hz – 350 Hz and needs compensation.

Measured frequency response

The following two measurements are performed with REW.

Bsss speaker near field response

REW near field response, no filter

This measurement shows the raw near field speaker response.


Bass nearfiield response with LP filter

REW near field response with low pass filter

This measurement shows the near field response after the low pass cross over filter (LR4).


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